Oilfield Due Diligence Russia  2019 Inspection/Audit/Due Diligence of an operating oilfield asset for investors.
Full Gas Field Development Turkey 2 years Drill development wells, construction and installation of a central gas processing facility and 15 Km’s pipeline.
MODU Upgrade Singapore 1 yr. Construction & Project Management on upgrade & modernization of MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit)
MOPU conversions Malaysia 3-1/2 Yrs. Project Management, including MOPU (Mobile Offshore Production Unit) relocation and location installation.
Onshore Operations
Management (Land Rigs)
Siberia & Kazakhstan 1 Yr. Modernization and upgrades of eight land drilling rigs, including operation management of land rigs.
Offshore Operations
Management (Jack-up)
Vietnam & UAE 3 Yrs. Project management and operations management of MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit)
Oil Field Restoration Nigeria 3 yrs. Phase-10 to 50 K BOPD
Oil Field Revitalization Trinidad 4 yrs. Included successful exploration wells
Oil Field Optimization Turkmenistan Annual O&M
and work overs
Self-funding optimization of a 20,000 BOPD field